I have a Majestic 2051 tripod. This comes with a long center tube. I have a Bogen 3047 head. To allow for very low shooting I sawed off the center column so that about 6 inches of tube were left. I also raised the circurlar stops at the leg top. With these modifications I can get very low. The Majestic has been one of the most satisfactory purchases I ever made. Al;though I am using 35mm almost all of my work is done with a tripod mounted camera. The Bogen 3047 is beginning to wear out. I will be replacing the Bogen head with a large Majestic geared head.

I also have a Bogen 3021 with large ballhead. The tripod comes up way short as far as sturdiness is concerned.... It did not take much to wear it out. I also have a Tiltall that has been turned into junk by using it in the sand.

I am of the opinion that 35mm requires a very stable tripod more so than the other formats.