The "MQ Formula" that you have there is the same ingredients as Dektol. You could find the D-72 formula (try DigitalTruth's technical information page) and compare the two, and likely find your Dektol will do that job. That time is very close to what my 1950s vintage packets of Kodak MQ Universal developer call out for plates.

Pyro-Soda was a common developer in the pre-D-76 era, though it fell out of favor due to grain when smaller formats made solvent developers like D-76 more preferred; it's the simplest pyro formula, and should give similar results to ABC Pyro (aka Kodak D-1) or PMK.

All the others will likely share the same process time; B&W films and plates were made to use the same process times across brands and types for decades before color stole the market and relegated B&W to "art" photography.

For speeds. Hmm.

Kodak Ortho Rapid is probably ISO 50 equivalent, though it might be one stop faster (but no telling how much speed it's lost in the 50-80 years since it was made). For the others, you're on your own. Maybe you can do a test strip by withdrawing the dark slide a bit at a time and making multiple exposures (to avoid burning all your plates with bracketing or text exposures)?