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As I understand it, there will be options available:

1) Attenuator, this filter will fit in a cassette that covers the lamp to
reduce the light by approximately 60%.

2) UV Blocking Filter, this filter will fit in a cassette that covers the lamp
to eliminate the UV component with shorter wavelengths than 400nm.

3) Auto Vacuum module, this electronic control plugs into the
controller/integrator and will automatically turn on and off the vacuum
before and after an exposure.

4) Light Curtain, this option mounts around the top of the unit to reduce
light spillage.

Which of thesee would you recommend? Does you test unit have all these options?


The unit I have has options 1, 3 and 4. The attenuator would not be useful for priting alternative processes since exposures are long and you want all the radiation you can get. The auto vacuum feature is a real convenience, but not a necessity. The light curtain is highly recommended to avoid eye exposure to UV light, but you could just use UV goggles. And some people will install the unit in an enclosed area that will contain the light, which would make the curtain not necessary.