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I have always shied away from developing my own C41 because of the very short development times and (to a lesser extent) the high processing temperatures. My very few attempts were less than satisfactory. Does anyone know of a brand of C41 Chemistry that can be used in the 20-22 degrees Celsius range and have a developing time of around 5 minutes.
I just checked the Tetenal C41 data sheets: Their "Press Kit" - Dry chemicals to make 1 Liter - specifies the usual 38 degrees C (100F) and 3' 15" developing time. Their 5 Liter C-41 Kit also specifies and "urges" 38 degrees C for 3' 15' but additionally lists 30 degrees C (86F) and 9 minutes flat developing time for the first film run - increasing to 11 minutes for the 13th - 16th film.

I've done a few hundred rolls of 120, and a lesser amount of 35mm - mostly using a JOBO Processor - but there have been times when I have mis-set the temperature four or five degrees C either way - and I've seen *very little* effect on the film... color balance - contrast, grain ... whatever. I would not consider C-41 processing to be nearly as sensitive as *some* claim.

ALso, I am *convinced* that the "no less than five minutes" requirement - at least in color - and for Irving Penn, processing Tri -X in UFG for "three to five minutes" - is a myth. All of my C-41 has been developed for three (3) minutes, fifteen (15) seconds.
Tetenal does have a caveat of a "possible color crossover" at 30 deg. C. Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Then again - I print my own RA-4, so I have the luxury of "fiddling around to get things right" after the fact.

Tetenal DOES make a RA-4 kit "Two Step"???? "Mono??? kit for color printing that does operate, normally, at 22 degrees Celsius - I've used that one and I like it very much.