Today I bought a second-hand Contax G1. The main purpose is to use it for a street photography, because with my big SLR I'm not really inconspicuos .

It looks like new, there're no signs of any physical "damage", except for a thin black curvy line inside the viewfinder. I have no idea how it could get in there. The line doesn't obstruct the view, though.

Comparing to my SLR the sound of the lens, when focusing, is noisier. Is it OK or wrong?

I'm going to shoot the first film within the next couple of days to see how it works. So far it seems to be working properly, but of course, I'll see after I develop the negative.

I have 1 week to test it and return it if it doesn't work well. Is there anything else that I should observe/test carefully? What is your experience with this camera? Are you satisfied? Did/do you have any problems with it?

Thanks for your advice.