Yes, I've shot with it quite a bit. You can shoot it at ISO 200 with a Wratten 12 yellow filter (also known as a minus blue filter) which is recommended in the literature included in the film package. Shooting without a filter makes your images look washed out. Here's a link to where I have a few of my EIR shots posted. The top 4 on the page are all EIR, plus one other one which is labeled as EIR.

This page has a link to a picture shot without a filter. EIR no filter

No specific IR filters are required for this film. You should consult with a pro lab in your area before giving this film to them to process. You can't just drop it off at your local cheap lab. They can't use IR viewing devices when dealing with this film. I've read that some of the machines used to develop film have IR notch counters which is not good for this film either.

A book that you might want to read before exposing any of this film is "The Art of Color Infrared Photography" by Steven H. Begleiter, published by Amherst Media. ISBN: 1-58428-065-4. It will help you understand what to expect from the film and give you some insight on how to get the results that you want.