kate hi again...
well, first of going on normal lense (in terms of geometrical perspective) is allways the best to study a new system. the lense is very good as i told u. i dont own this system (hate electronics) but i have seen my very close friends photos (pro), and i can say - great.
about the scale focusing...
there are some methods so take the camera and follow.
1. one way is to take the f-number u use, and to put it referance on the depth of field scale that on your lense at infinity. means.. if u use the f8, turn the focusing ring so that the f8 on the lense scale will mutch the mark of the infinity.
this is a very good way when u want that the far objects (say beyound 10meters in case of normal lense) will be in focus but with it the closer will be as well. if u follow the example of f8 and infinity i gave u now, your depth of field on f8 will be about 5meters to infinity.
2. this is the best way in my opinion that personally i use very much, but many photgraphers hate it. it needs some practice though and lots of confidance. what u do here is that u aproximate the distance of your main interest object. actually what u do is focusing "like normal way with your rangefinder" but without looking at the rangefinder at all.
why this is usefull... well, wether u focus manually or in your case u may do it automatically, it take some time, and actually it needs the object that u want to be focused on in preparation. in street kind photo and the snapshots no way to do it many time. u loose the reall moment. the solution is to prepare youorself a moment before. to scale, while the light reading is also know already and to look through the viewfinder very fast in order to frame in push the shutter.
practice... in the next comment