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The atteunator would be useful for printing on standard graded bromide papers wouldn't it? Does the unit put out so much light that exposure times would be very short without the attenuator?

I assume this unit could not be used with variable-contrast papers in any way (no filter pack available)? If not, can the the upper unit of the ULF-28 be moved in any way so that we could use the vaccum frame and a VC light source from an enlarger?

Otherwise, how is the testing going? Anything new? Wehn do you anticipate on giving the thumbs up to AmerGraph and getting product reviews posted and published. I might suggest posting on www.mamutphoto.com also.

I have already placed an order for one of these and they will fill it pending the outcome of your evaluation.

Take care and thanks for your efforts.



I am just testing the light unit, not doing consulting work for AmerGraph, so I think their decision as to when to go into production will have nothing to do with my findings. If that is the case, they have that already since I find everything about the unit very positive.

After finishing all of my testing of alterative processes I will experiment with silver papers. I believe that the attenuator by itself will not reduce the light enough even for contact printing with AZO, but it may be possible to reduce the light further with a combination of ND filters which could be placed over the attenuator.