this is a very good film indeed. and yes the ddx is the best one for it, especially when u come to enlarge it. as fp4 (with d76, i use instead id11 - the same) user u will need the addaptation to it in terms of its aesthetic appearance and in the ways u may print it.
follow the recomendations of ilford for developing with ddx, or slightly increase the time if u use split printing method. over all it depends on your taste.

but let me give u another option - the hp5. well i dont recomened it to push to 3200 any way, but 1600 will work great with the id11 or ddx. 800 is even better, and u also can use rodinal for that. u will even have on the rodinal the ability to extend some development time. aesthetically, it is much better film in this combination since rated on 800 (wether id11 ddx or rodinal) u will be able to print it in deferent ways. the options in printing will be great.
with grain on the extended development u dont have to worry too much, since when u give less light it effects the granuality less, so less light and more development is a meter of compesation in this way. by the way the delta 3200 works in the same way. the emulssion of delta 3200 actually is 800.