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Hi guys and gals.

I live in Raleigh, NC. I have been doing film(B&W) for more years than I care to tell you. I just got into 4x5 last year, after coming home from John Sexton's advanced printing workshop. Up until then I was shooting MF (hassie and p67).

I'm looking around in the Triangle area for a few 4x5 (or larger) shooters.

Get in contact with me at genecrumpler@bellsouth.net

I'm retired and enjoy traveling. I would like to get together with LF photographers. I currently am a member of most of the camera clubs in the area, but every one seems to be are going digital and LF'ers seem to be scarce here!

I will be giving a MF and LF talk at the April 13 meeting of the Carolina Nature Photographers Assoc, at Durham Tech. I also will be giving the same talk at the Treybern Outdoor Photographers (TOPs) group in Treybern May 25.

Hi Gene,

I think you and I may have met once long ago at one of the first Carolina Nature Photographers meetings long ago. If not never mind. I'm down in Georgia so it's impossible for me to participate in the CNP group.

Seems like for them most part LFers are considered to be obsolete. You know there is a LF group in Florida.