I agree with Michael Slade: sounds like you're a sour puss because your definition of photography does not match another one's. I'd say get over it because anything he does with PS you could also do in the darkroom. His practice of taking a spare flash card is no different from one's habit to carry a stack of film with them.

It's not big news that people stich together bits of images to present a single unified one: it's called photomontage, and when it's done by Man Ray or Lazlo What's-his-family-name everyone loves it.

If you take "truth" as an a priori criterion for photography (i.e. real photographers don't lie, they frame with the viewfinder, and never cut and paste), then you're bound for a deception because painting can do that too. Painting can show accurately a person, about the same way a photograph does. Go to the library and look at Giovanni Bellini's ca. 1501 portrait of Leonardo Loredan, Doge of Venice and tell me I'm wrong.