If you want an affordable alternative to those plate burners, go to Home Depot. They sell pre-configured fluorescent fixtures with BLB blacklight bulbs. The fixture is made by GE. The bulbs are about 18" long. The fixture with bulb costs about $15 each. Get six of them, plus a surge-protector strip that can handle six outlets. You're in to that set up for about $150. Screw the six BLB fixtures into the bottom of a shelf, line them up as tight together as you can get them. Use the shelf below the one you attached the fixtures to as your exposure area. You'll have plenty of space between the fixtures for cooling, and enough illuminated area to make 11x14 prints or even larger, depending on configuration. Your only other expense is a good contact printing frame, which will set you back about $100 depending on size and manufacturer. I recommend the Bostick & Sullivan frames.