I'd say get over it because anything he does with PS you could also do in the darkroom.
That I highly doubt and especially not in 4 hours. Have you ever tried to airbrush a neg or an actual print to remove something? Takes talent most donít have, have you ever tried to overlay a neg on top of a neg to blend a sky? I doubt it and I can tell you it takes more than 4 hours. I have zero respect for digital snap shooters, as that is exactly what they are, snap shooters. Eye to camera, set to motor drive and fire away. F-stop, apertures, no need, set on auto mode and fire until the heart is content.

I respect the photographer that will stand there for hours or come back to get the light they want, the season they want etc.. They are not lazy or use a computer to fix there flaw but rather love the craft and love the art to actually wait for the right time to capture that image or if a mistake was made go back and re-capture the image to perfect the scene. Digital is not art it is graphic design at best. My kids know Photoshop and they are pretty good at it to boot. Anyone can use a computer but not anyone can use a brush or print a fine print.

Sorry, but digital is not an art form as far as I am concerned, it is a cop out for being lazy. And I donít know any LF shooter or MF shooter to take out 1000 rolls of film and blow through it like the digital shooters does on a weekend. That is simply another cop out. Well you film guy takes 5 rolls of film. Personally fro a weekend I am luck to get off a single roll of 120, 12 shoots or use 6 film holders for an entire weekend.

You know what todayís photographer are missing? Sitting and studying the scene., making sure that every element in the scene has it place, making sure the image is complete, making sure that the elements support one another to create the composition. It is about studying line, form and balance. It is not about who got the most image from the weekend.

With todayís digital shooter they donít need to worry about anything as they will download to the computer and clone out and clone in things that are and not there. Add a sky, add a road and while there at it, add some water and lakes as well. They have nothing but total and complete disregard for the art of photography, which to me is completely revolting. Then they push it one step further and call it a fine photograph when its nothing more than an outright lie, a complete fallacy. A push of a button and they can output 10,000 identical pieces of paper with ink squirted all over it in a sequence to creating something that tries to resemble a photographic print.

You can embrace digital all you like but it is a slap in the face to all the arts, and I am not just talking photography either.

I am really sick of seeing digital watercolor, digital watercolor, digital drawing. Give me a break, you take the tablet out of their deceitful hand and place a brush in it, and guess what, now they have no clue how to paint or draw, blend of mix paint, use a certain brush size and certain stroke to create the effect that the computer does so easily with a few click of the mouse a a few pushes on the keyboard. This is not art this is digital. Brush stokes, pens strokes take technique, something they will be completely clueless about when given a pen or brush in hand. Digital is dangerous and is destroying the arts.

Of course the digital trolls are going to flame but the truth hurts I know.

Just my two cents.