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I've seen those pre-rigged blacklight sets at the Depot, but I just figured they wouldn't have enough output to be usable for alt-proc. How long are your exposures for Pt/Pd with this set-up?
I'm getting frustrated using the sun. Just when I think I have things worked out, it's too late in the day to get decent UV. Also, I've bought an 8x10 enlarger, so I won't have a lot of cash to spend on a UV source.
My exposure times for Pt/Pd prints are around 7 1/2 minutes. If I enclosed the tube set in some kind of box painted white on the inside, I could probably knock another minute or two off my printing times. You can see some examples in my personal gallery here done with this setup. It works quite well. I hooked the surge strip up to a spare darkroom timer and use that for controlling the exposures. The tubes are about 4" from the top of the print frame when I use this setup for exposing Pt/Pd.