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I do it for me and I can be both my worst and most lenient critic.

Summary ? .... do it for you ... when you're happy, ignore the rest.

That's probably my view on my photography-though you wouldn't guess it from my earlier rant. I guess having read what others say I aknowledge I was a little OTT in some respects BUT D5 guy is bored stiff with his digital photos, he says there's no challenge, but gets frustrated when he tries to shoot BW film and gets told it will take 8 days to get it back. He would love to use MF/35mm but feels he doesn't have the prior knowledge to use them. I have tried to convince him but he is afraid of the failure which will happen from time to time.
I guess my real target is the 'always perfect' view of the world so many people have now. I see it with the kids I teach who are afraid to write anything down in case it's wrong, friends who walk away from a relationship because they have the occasional row (it's nor perfect so it's not working). Analogue photography is by it's nature fraught with imperfection - like other traditional arts you get better from keeping and noting your mistakes.
My original point was that a photograph should have a degree of veritas, I can crop a print, change the exposure etc. but I have to have a pretty good reason to superimpose one neg omn another - for the simple reason that it's so damn hard (and I do not posess the skills to do it). I love taking photographs and processing them, I admit I am a rank amateur, but the fact that those teaching the art are now so keen to dismiss analogue is something that I find pretty painful. Rant over for now.