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Here I agree fully with you, because you put your finger on actual practices, not on an a priori consideration of the medium's impact. Digital doesn't make people lazy: they were ALREADY lazy. Now they can just indulge what they always wanted........weakest link in the artistic chain is not the tool, it's what's in their heads.
I think we are getting to the point I was so clumsily trying to make. I have a lot of time for the skill of the other guy in the group who I referred to as D5 guy and we get on really well. However he has been trained to keep shooting until he gets a good shot and if it doesn't work out then PS it. The fact that he sees an image well and is a VERY good exponent of PS help a lot but if he wasn't as skilled (in other words if he were me!) he would never actually make any progress as a photographer because he could put his mistakes right later. Digital feeds the urge to be idle which we all have and I think it encourages the view that a more expensive camera equals better pictures (I know that one is as old as the art itself), worst of all it is in danger of turning people off photography once they get the initial buzz of their new 'toy'.