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The fact that he sees an image well and is a VERY good exponent of PS help a lot but if he wasn't as skilled (in other words if he were me!) he would never actually make any progress as a photographer because he could put his mistakes right later.
Tee hee, don't worry about your abilities, we knew you were more talented than him

The learning process is another major point, and I think accounts for facts as simple as the importance people put on teaching exposure using nothing but a light meter and manual mode, or some photo schools' emphasis on the use of a view camera prior to the use of 35mm cameras. It's a bit like learning your tables of multiplication before relying completely on a pocket calculator.

I had once to make a small photo shoot for an event at my job, and was lended a Nikon D100. I had to spend an entire DAY understanding the thing, but my photos came out decent only because I didn't rely on pre-set white balance, and understood something about metering. When it was set on all-automatic, all photos looked equally shitty. In fact I spent more time learning how NOT to use the automation than I did to setup my shots.