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I just have to disagree. It's usually the opposite. If the artists didin't convey truths, then they would be just some kind of propagandists at their best.

"Accuracy" is not the right word, but perhaps "right feeling" is because it ultimately touches your heart.

Just out of curiosity, do you know why satire political comedy has been so popular in the Bush years in the U.S.?
It seems that you want to evict false artists from your Republic. It is not EITHER truth OR propaganda. Sorry Plato, but you're victim to the dreaded either/or fallacy.

Case in point: fiction. Stories about unicorns are not necessarily making claims to truth, neither are they a machine of brainwashing. They are make-believe, just like when you and your buddies were kid and you pretended that a box of cardboard was your space shuttle.

Some artists tell true statements (e.g. a novel that says that Napoleon was the Emperor of France), some artists tell false statements (e.g. a movie showing that the moon had an eye that was pierced when the first rocket crashed on its surface), some artists tell fictions (e.g. that there was once a King called Whatnot who was lord over the land of Something), some artists tell propaganda (google for a song called "Bush was Right" by the Right Brothers).

Satire is popular because there are so many idiots like the Right Brothers trying to shove propaganda down people's throat.