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However, if you tend to slightly over process, you will get more contrast and a little more colour saturation, both of which could be countered by shooting on Reala, or printing on a “portrait paper”.

By the way, with the CPE, I run at 36-37 degrees( depending on the ambient temperature), which allows for the inevitable drop in temperature, even with a water bath. I think Jobo mention this technique on their website. (http://www.jobo-usa.com)
One other method of controlling contrast is to "pre-flash" ... using a gray negative and exposing the paper for 10% to 20% of the analyzed exposure, and then printing the image for the remainder - as you would normally. Works wonders.

Some time ago I had to return my CPP2 to JOBO for repair ... the main problem was that water was capillary-ing up the pump shaft through defective potting and into the control unit - causing havoc with the temperature control. Took a while for them to find that out - the water would only arrive after some ten minutes of operation.
I borrowed one of the High-end Kodak Laboratory thermometers to check out the temperature regulation - and after a telephone call to JOBO's customer service they told me they routinely set the outgoing water bath temperature "high" by a degree or so to compensate for thermal losses in operation. They recommended setting the temperature to where it "should" be - and that has worked well.

BTW - WELCOME!! It's great to have someone on board working with color!!

I'll check out that web site for chemicals ... I did get a "recipe" from Photographers' Formulary for C-41 chemicals - I haven't tried tried it yet. At one time they did produce a "Kit" but the demand wasn't great enough to justify continued production.