I've shot Delta 3200 at 3200 in 35mm and processed it according to Ilford's data (DDX 1:4 for however long it says (sorry, can't remember offhand!)) sheet. I found it gave good image quality with very acceptable grain, but I had to work hard to get enough contrast into the prints. I may try different processing times / temps next time around.

I use DDX for all Ilford films (virtually all the B&W I shoot) and rate it very highly (much better than Ilfosol S)... ...except that Ilford only ship it in a 1 litre bottle (enough for 16 rolls!), meaning I have to batch up my films and then process them in one go (which takes up most of a weekend!).

Ilford, if you're reading this *please* start putting it in 250ml bottles! I'll settle for 500ml! ANYTHING rather than consigning me to another weekend at the sink! Please?!