I have found a wonderful paper that I wish to use for Pt/Pd printing. This stuff is smooooth and can take an extended soak time (hours) with no dog ears or separation of surface fibres. However, it is a thirsty paper and the coating travels the surface like a nomadic tribe.... So for now I shall fondly refer to it as Sahara Satin.

The problem I am experiencing with this paper is as follows...

The paper drinks the first coat deeply but evenly, a print from this is beautifully smooth in tone but slightly anaemic. When two coats are applied to the paper the mysterious migration begins. It proceeds from the centre to the edge of the previous coat then when it encounters the coating edge it begins to return toward the centre. This results in a print with a rich black velvet border but the continuity of tone diminishes toward the centre of the image. With a third coating there is minimal migration however the entire image has a distinct veiling that is most apparent in the blacks.

Now I believe that various research has demonstrated platinum chemistry is inhibited by gelatine, so this is probably not a solution to my problem. I would appreciate any ideas or methods that I could try to get this paper to work for me... overcoats, undercoats, sweater vests... Anything.

And.... Yes of course if I can find a method to make this beautiful paper work I will certainly post all the details here.