I now have two medium format cameras - a Rolleiflex FX TLR and a Hasselblad. When I initially got into photography, I had planned to focus on landscapes and other static things (hence the initial Hassy purchase). But my interest subsequently evolved into more spontaneous people-oriented ("street") photography without a tripod. I have tried unsuccessfully to like the Hassy off a tripod. It's just to big and bulky. Enter the Rolleiflex. What a magnificient and eminently portable camera. Problem is, I absolute love APX 100 in medium format. So I'm wondering if any of you TLR "street photographers" have become comfortable using a 100 speed film as your main film, or have you found that an ISO 400 film such as HP5+ or Tri-X is necessary for this purpose. The side mounted ttl flash of the FX is a pita because of lateral shadowing. Thanks very much.