O.K. Here is the long await itenerary for the reenactment weekend. More info is available at www.destateparks.com/chsp.

Sat. April 29th.
1000 6" Gun Drill
1100 equipment (set-up,types,use) Field gear, fire arms, tents
1200 Lunch on your own
1300 Drill and ceremony
1400 6" Gun drill
1500 Job Specific training
Signal - pole climbing, wire splicing, switchboard ops, laying/running wire, etc.
Medical - First Aid, Buddy Care, Moving of casualties, etc.
MP / Security - Post Defense
1600 6" Gun Drill
1900 Dance (with purchase of tickets)

I am thinking 1400 Gun drill and 1500 training for reenactment pics. This is plenty after lunch, which is readily available within short driving distance. Maybe 1500 and 1600. See what you think. I can answer any questions you mighgt have. Let's also get a concensus for meeting time at the park so we have a lot of shoot time in the morning and also in the afternoon after the drills. I can meet anybody there at any time. Bugs should be negligible but come prepared. They get awful hungry after waking up from slumber.