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Look for a Tamron f 2.8 300mm with a tele converter. This is a manual focus lens that is tack sharp and fast.

I agree Don,

I just sold my MF 300 f/2.8 a month ago, in favor of the AF focus model, but I can tell you what, if you want a good lens, that is tack sharp and cheap, they are a fantastic lens, I bought mine new and never once had a problem with it in the 15 years I owned it and the person that bought it from me is thrilled with it as well, on ebay, the darn things are dirt cheap right now and adaptable to just about any camera out there, you can get the lens for around $300 to $400 and the converters to match it normally go for less than $50 each, one of the best values in big glass now a days.