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What was the first Japanese enlarger made? Are the camera clubs still around and are theyt still using film or have they gone digital for the most part? I wrote a paper on Japanese camera clubs in the early '70's when my photo teacher was finishing a Dye Transfer portfolio called "Shinto in Transition". I lived there for a while near Nagasaki; wonderful place, wonderful people.
I don't know what the first Japanese enlarger was. Fuji type B enlarger that came out in 1951 was and still is very popular, but it's not the first Japanese enlarger. It looks like a Leitz copy, but I heard the quality is not anywhere near the original.

The following link is in Japanese:


I'm not really aware of camera clubs that are so visible online other than the ones listed here:

Again the following link is in Japanese:


I've read some articles and posts in Japanese sites that say when the Japanese people seek information about photography, soon or later they will have to look for the English literature for it. So, after reaching a certain level, there's no much that they can do with what they have in their own language.