My girl friend came up with this idea to, she said all of you people who fish out there to make it waterproof try this, if you still have those old PVC rain coats with the pance, the ones that make you sweat bullets all of the time. Cut the legs off and with a good sewing machine and some H.D. thread or fishing line sew the PVC at the bottom of the leg where the elastic is and on the top also, if you have any old water proof boots you do not like cut them into strips and sew them around the bottom of the leg inside and out and around the top also and to keep the top nice and tight use velcro to seal it from any rain, snow or water, this way it will be bullet proof. It might be a little more work but. We started to but mine together today.

Oh, by the way she is a Blond with long hair and blue eyes.