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So Jim- Have you been shooting , and what size camera do you have? What kind of problems are you having?
Jamie Young
Thanks for the interest, it means a lot. I sold the #8 that I made my one picture with and bought a #10. I haven't had time to get beyond first look. BUT it appears to be a low mileage 10 with a good strong spring so I'm encouraged that it won't be difficult to get it up and running strong. I plan to take the motor out and strip all the old lubricants and re-lube before I try shooting. One little item that would help is I don't know how to figure out all the necessary defaults for the kia ora gear program. I simply plugged in my numbers since the defaults it came up with were for a #8 and that's what I had. So I've got a complete #6 and #10 at this point. I just got silly and bought some 5" aerochrome film. The lure of a big X-parency or 2. Jim