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Did your 10 have a lense already? If you don't have to reset lense and gear distances, your better off. I've had some really good luck and some bad luck with it as well. Even after measuring really carefully I always test the settings by setting up a marker with writing on it, setting up the camera and shooting the marker at about five places around the center to see which point has the leaast amount of slur. I could go on about that a bit. It's a pain. Most of my cameras were "Bargains" and in need of it. Do you have a #6 cirkut outfit or #6 cirkut?
No lens with the camera but I have a modest collection to chose from. The camera has marks for 10 1/2", 14" and 18". I have 10 1/2" and 14" Dagor's and the 18" APO Skopar I used with the #8. I'd also like to use a 24" APO Skopar. The #6 is the outfit. It has a useable 5X7 back for focus and still photo use. Thanks again. Jim