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According to Minicam Magazine Vol 10, No. 12 (Sep 1947), these were the generally available enlargers:

BACO - MF up to 6x9 condenser
Curtis Color Film Enlarging Printer - for making 4x5 separation negatives from 35mm
De Jur Versatile Model I - MF up to 6x9 condenser
De Jur Versatile Model I - up to 3 1/4 square condenser
De Jur Professional - 4x5 condenser
Kodak Portable Miniature - 35mm and bantam condenser
Kodak Precision Enlarger A - 6x9 condenser
Kodak Precision Enlarger B - 4x5 1/2 diffusion
Eastman Autofocus Model D - 5x7 diffusion
Elwood A M Miniature - 6x9 condensing
Elwood B M Miniature - 35mm to 1 7/8 x 2 1/4 condensing
Elwood 5x7 Autofocus
Elwood SP-2 Special 5x7
Elwood Studio 5x7
Federal Models 312, 314, 315 - 6x9 condensing except 312, where it was an option
Federal Model 450 - 4x5
Leitz Focomat I-B
Keyzer cold light - 4x5
Marful Model 44 direct positive - enlarges copies from prints up to 4x5 to direct positives
National Cold Light Model G-33 - 4x5
Omega D-II
Peco 1a and 1b - 6x9 diffuser (1a) or condenser (1b)
Printex 4x5 - condenser
Saltzman 30W, 30WA, 30WR - 5x7 except 30WA 8x10
Skyview model DGE - 4x5 condenser
Solar Model 120 - 6x9 condenser
Solar Model 57 - 5x7 diffusion
Solar Model 45C - 4x5 condenser
Solar Autofocus - 6x9 condenser
Sunray Model D Arnold - 6x9 condenser
Sunray Model 45 Mastercraft - 4x5

I may have another reference from the 60's somwhere.
Wonderful!!! Thanks for the post and the labor for it.