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I am really new here, but I wanted to ask the question. Is there a market for a magazine dedicated to these types of "photo essay" type stories? I mean a group like this that is derived from people all over the world would have the resources of those people to draw from. Perhaps maybe not a print mag, but an ezine? I know this is OT, but I thought I would ask.

Jeff C.
Hi, Jeff C. I'm not aware of any. "Days Japan" I mentioned earlier is a quasi-photojournalism magazine as far as I know: It's very slim and like a news collage with small pieces of articles and purchased news agencies photos all assembled togather to run their picture stories. By today's standard in practicing journalism, it's a big no-no and so un-ethical, but that tells me that that's how it survives as a small publication, and it needs to grow.

I think, instead using magazines, some people self-publish books with their own photo-essays and hope to sell.