I have dev'd my 1st film in pyrocat hd. It was a mix as prepared by Michael Maunders at speedibrews (extremely helpful - well recommended).

Now, admittedly it was with a roll of hp5 put through my holga (wiht no way of knowing exposure etc) - but i was like a kiddie with a new toy and was desperate to try out the developer. I used it at 1:2:100 (as I had difficulty in dissolving the second solution, I made it up to 300ml with distilled water instead of the 150ml of solution i was trying to make - so this is really the approximate equivalent of 1:1:100) at 21 degrees and used the partial stand - 2 mins initial agitation, then 10 seconds every 3 mins for a total of 22 mins 30 secs

So - initial reactions - the negs are very dense, the stain is extremely brown and prominent, (as compared to mild and weak with exactol lux) they are bitingly sharp (even when taken with the holga!). There is very good shadow and highlights details. I have only scanned the negs so far, but have found the grain to be really heavy (sharp but heavy). The tonality is wonderful though.

Is this what common users would expect with Pyrocat-HD and this film? I think i could shave some time off in the hope that they woudlnt be quite so dense - or perhaps reducing some of the b bath would do the trick, although this would also reduce contrast - right?

It probably wasnt the best of ideas to start with a holga film, but I am planning to do some comparison tests with my "proper" mf camera very soon with hp5, delta 100 and pan f.

any thoughts / suggestions on the above would be greatfully received as i have seen some of your amazing results with this stuff, and could do with some guidance