“Question or answer?” That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler to present enriching information to a viewer or display an image requiring the observer to make their own interpretation? Hmm….

Some personal details follow – skip if you please. I love a mystery. My former life was devoted to the solving of puzzles of various types. Most involved concentrated effort, but were non the less gratifying. I suppose that is why I attempt to convey some sense of mystery in my prints.

Prints that bring questions to my mind seem the more interesting to me personally. “What is in those black shadows?” “What is around the corner?” When will the storm overtake the artist” “What is ‘for dinner’ in that house on the hill with the light burning in the window?” “What is the model thinking?” “What will that mischievous child do after the shutter closes?”

Yes, I am definitely entrenched in the “question” camp.