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(snip) This is a work that has been part of the building for years and now some who are offended want it destroyed. What is to stop these folks from going after your photos next week or next year?

Read the article and what conclusion do you come up with?
What is to stop these folks? Nothing.

The Egyptians defaced the monuments of predecessors, all societies have rewritten history to suit their desired outlook on life; it happens all the time. It is happening right now all over the World; don't like what you hear? Ignore it and make up "facts". Certain US leaders excel in that...

Not that I like that it does happen, but I know that it does.

Working for an archive, I have found that the best chance anyone has of having their work survive is to have it valued by someone who will fight for it and save it regardless of your political leaning or bent.

You gotta have fans...