I just want to clear up the fact that I am not anti digital, I don't care what medium is used to capture an image. I also accept that working in photoshop requires skill and talent in the same way that darkroom work does. I also accept the arguments regarding veritas.
I obviously made my point badly (as well as apparently being in a foul mood - I have re read my post, put it down to the return of daughter from Uni for Easter :-))
However I do find it worrying that the marketing men have managed to persuade the world that in order to take a good photograph you just need an expensive camera, a big card, and something to point it at. It's the Shakespeare/Monkeys/Typewriters kind of argument.
It just leaves me a bit sad.
However there's obviously nothing like an ill tempered rant to get everyone discussing things in a frank manner, I like this siter because people can do that without too much flameing. I am going away to contemplate the world now, thanks to all contributers. Mea Culpa :-)