Agreed. One of the main reasons I am studying to become an archivist to is try to protect history (as much as possible) from the hoards of barbarians roaming around trying to do things just like this. Part of being civilized is understanding that your opinions are no more or less valid that those that you disagree with and that differing viewpoints allow the existence of freedom. If there is only one point of view, what are you left with?

Fear and ignorance drive people to destroy anything that does not fit cleanly into their fantasy view of reality. The only thing that stands between the destruction of our freedom is the willingness of people to preserve that which they do not necessarily understand or agree with and the education of people in the value of differing viewpoints. Allowing the existence of opposing views does not, despite popular belief, mean that you share those views. Intelligent people are quite able to recognize dissenting points of view without compromising their own position the process.

Thomas Jefferson once said that Virtue was the willing sacrifice of the individual for the betterment of the whole. How much individual sacrifice is really needed to allow the preservation of a piece of art that a few people find distasteful? Futher, how do you think the people who feel that anything representing opposing viewpoints should be repressed feel if theirs were the works under the gun?

- Randy