Hello again. Thanks very much for your very informative answers to my last post. This one concerns flash with TLR's. I would like to turn my Rolleiflex FX into my only MF camera. However, I have not successfully come to terms with the flash arrangement. I have a SCA 356 adaptor and a Metz 53MZ3 flash unit. But when I mount this flash set-up directly on the side of the TLR, I always seem to have lateral shadows. Stroboframe brackets (Pro-SQ or Quickflip) were suggested. However, I note that there is a long history of handle mounted side flash use with TLR's, particularly in the wedding business. Would a handle mounted (torch e.g. Metz 45) flash on a short side bracket produce better results? I'd appreciate any recommendations you may have concerning how I can obtain the best possible flash results with the Rollei GX/FX. Also, please let me know what connecting equipment I would need (e.g. connecting cords, spacers,...). Many thanks.