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That is a good point. I would agree wholeheartedly if it was a private building. It is not a private building it is a public building. It was built with public funds to do the people's business. I would assume that it was not haphazardly adorned, but adorned to reflect the people it was built to serve and to reflect the purpose of the building.
Public buildings are refurbished every 20 years or so. Why are the standards for what a worker is supposed to expect in the decor any different for public employees? Maybe they should keep the original furniture and toilets too.

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How is it different today for a worker to walk by the murals than it was 60 years ago?

This thing has such great value in its current context.

What do we learn when we whitewash every unsavory event? If ever there should be a lesson on justice it is in a courthouse and this thing sounds like a masters thesis.
It has no value in the current context. It is a place of business with certain goals. Educating people about hangings (in a partial sense) is not one of them. I expect a large amount of taxpayer dollars are going to be spent debating this artwork. For all we know it maybe amaturish and ugly too.

Do you think that every parent that has to drag a kid down that hallway really wants to explain what is going on to their five-year-old?

If you know any Native American Indians you will find that they are tired of being defined by their history instead of who they are now.