thanks for the explanation. So far I have always used AF (with SLR) but you're right that in the street it takes too long to focus, recompose, and press the shutter. Therefore I like the method you described very much. Sounds much much faster.

The camera, even if it is set to fully manual mode, still measures the distance of the subject and compares it to the distance which I have set manually. It indicates the difference inside the viewfinder. It is quite annoying and I hope I'll learn to ignore it because it cannot be switched off. I start to understand why you dislike electronical cameras . But anyway, I'm definitely going to learn the method.


thanks for the link. I'm glad to get a good reference. I realised I should've asked first and then buy it. I did it just the other way round so I'm happy to get a positive feedback about the camera.


thanks for the link - it was a good kick-off and I am now collecting more detailed information about the topic. Best regards.