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Self publishing is ABSOLUTELY possible.
And desirable.

An e-zine, or bloggy-zine, which could be puchased as a .pdf,
or a download in book form from Lulu or something like that
is very possible.

Grants and gifts and contibutions can fund it.

The only trick is the need to keep the costs low.

That would suggest reporting on local issues,
because the expense of travel will exceed the costs of production.
Or, you can focus your travel to serve the need of your Journal.

I've designed one to do when I retire from commercial work in a couple years.
I know of a couple others in the planning stages.

Small, specific, journals can be done beautifully and effectively.
Possibly they can do some good.

Get off your butt and make some stories.


I like the idea of local stories put together by people who are interested in telling the story. This was sort of my reaction to this thread by Blow. But what to do with the story when it is done? This is where I think there could be a niche for the "old school" or "retro" style photo magazine, i.e. LIFE, etc. There could be an oppurtunity for this type of endvor, especaill given the rush of "retro" or vintage styles today.

I like the idea of an ezine, but in the spirit of analog photography and film based caputre, I think an old style magazine would be the perfect complement. Any thoughts?

I must apoloigze to Blow for hijacking this thread.