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I think Bill Schwab can really relate to this..
I have had a lot of similar experiences, but you're much crazier than I Brian!! I used to put that kind of time in on the road, but have to admit being more successful staying close to home. Granted, I still travel a fair amount, but I am more excited by the things I do around my own environment these days. Those images seem to sell more anyway. I simply can't afford to spend that kind of time on the road and it is much more economically sound for me to eek out a living shooting in my haunts closer to home with a trip or 2 to places like Scotland or Iceland per year.

I commend you for garnering the type of print sales you must realise to cover your expenses and make a living in only 4 years! That's a lot of prints! Well deserved. For most successful photographers in the fine art field that I know, including the big names, it is hard to make a living without commercial work and royalties. Myself, I do fine and consider myself very lucky. However, even with steady sales through my galleries that hover around the 100 print mark per year (no small task by the way), it is no way to provide for a family in this day and age. I would have to say that perhaps my most fortunate blessing is frugal living and having a wife who works full-time and supports me in my need to work! (As long as I bring in my share of the pie!)