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I wonder if this thread is about me or about "commerce"?
I must confess I did not know this thread was about you as I don't get your emails. It did turn quickly to you, so I should have guessed you might have stirred some more controversy. Sure gets people to read, Doesn't it?

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as to offering my own work via LensWork emails, I did and do -- but only to people who have signed up for our email notifications and have requested emails from us. We don't SPAM. Never have, never will.
Any one of the several thousand folks subscribing to my newsletter knows I have no problem with self promotion or commerce. Where I would and do have a problem is if I subscribe to say, "Rolling Stone" and because of this having to receive solicitations for Jann Wenner's garage band CD's or have to be subjected to ads for my National Geographic Editor's home travel videos. This is not why I would subscribe.
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LensWork is my publicaiton ...
You'll certainly get no argument from me on that one. At least if I subscribe to "Martha Stewart Living" I can be pretty sure I'll get solicitations for other MARTHA products without having to read the fine print or check the correct boxes. Same with Oprah's "O". Why not just cut to the chase, end the controversy and call your magazine "Brooks"? Better yet, start a separate publication with that name. That way those interested in the photography and fine printing can buy that one and the person interested in Brooks Jensen, his work and philosophy of the fine photography business can buy the other.