There needs to be an "intent" factor in the laws. As I've stated before that I have no doubt that Sally Mann and Jock Sturges photographs are in the possession of most pedophiles. What is the difference between these pictures and ones taken for the express use of pedophiles. INTENT.

So the people that make these legal decisions have to have the wisdom to be able to tell the difference, between cute baby pictures and child porn, and go after the real offenders.

When we were kids we used National Geographic Africa pictures for.... whatever. I doubt that the photographers of National Geographic had that intent in mind. Generations before me used the Sears Catalog underwear pictures.

Why is it that people's lives and reputations have to be ruined because of zealots who are afraid of nudity and see perversion lurking everywhere.

If they really wanted to solve the problem why don't they just ban children, and be done with it.