Looking at the Dover Editions' publication of all 559 illustrations and plates from Steiglitz's "Camera Work" it's interesting to note that he not only included his own photographs therein, but also, of course, dictated the content. To that end he not only wrote editorially, but also chose the contributors and other writers that nourished either his own opinions or furthered the vitality of the debates that concerned and interested him (many of which are still being thrummed one hundred years hence.).

I've often thought of Lenswork as a somewhat similar publication in that the editorial view is so singular and there is a parallel concern with extremely high quality reproduction (like no other current magazine I have ever seen!!). That Brooks advocates digital processes and publishes his own work from time to time is fine with me. (Although he promotes what he cares about, he does not damn the alternatives.) If it were okay for Steiglitz to do, then it's fine with me for Jensen to do as well. The precedent is long established!