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Well Bill, I for one enjoy seeing the wide spectrum of photographic styles represented in LensWork. This is important, because I have no access (that I can hold in my hands) to the work of photographers who take their work seriously, unless I want to drive 1000 miles to the nearest photography gallery.
I understand this Murray and that is a good thing. I appreciate that. However, fine photography is a big pond and there are plenty of other places to dip my toes. I for one cannot bring myself to read a publication that carries its publisher and editor on its sleeve. I realize I have a "delete key" and in this case I have chosen to use it. As I said in another post in another thread, I "prefer to spend my money on publications that don't hide their criticism of my business behind a banner that claims support."


PS> Jovo, With respect to comparing Camerawork to Lenswork, in my opinion it is a case of apples to oranges.