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There is a camera, however, where the film magazine can be replaced with a ground glass, and the image size can be changed from 6x6 to 6x17 without changing film or magazine. It is not cheap though. http://www.gilde-kamera.de
More importantly, The Price List (from September 2004). 6x17 is the largest I've seen for roll film options. Has anyone seen offerings that would accomodate rollfilm in larger cameras? Say 8x10. I understand this would probably require 220 film if you wanted multiple shots per roll, but then that also gets rid of the ruby window option for viewing, so mechanical means would be necessary to wind the film to its proper location. I'd love to see options on this, if any. My mind is already thinking of what I can hack up to see something come to fruition. Sure there's the 4x10 option, but a rollfilm adapter for something wider than 6x17 would be very cool. 6x25 anyone?
Rollfilm would probably be less weight (attention hikers!) instead of the half-darkslide option with multiple 4x10 film holders.