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Of course you can always crop after the fact. Art Sinsabaugh shot landscapes with a 12x20" camera and sometimes cropped to 3x20" or 4x20".
4"x20" would be close to the ratio I'm talking about. 2.25 x9.75-10". But again, using darkslides adds weight with more film holders. I think a single rollfilm holder would be much less weight: a selling point for backpackers. Then again, if money is no object, they could buy the 6x24 camera that weighs significantly less. I can't.
Hmmm... two darkslides properly cut and a mask might come close... and for a lot less money. 4 shots per sheet. 8 shots per film holder. I think I need to visit my friend tomorrow. The gears are turning. I just need access to his shop and tools.