It could happen in a forseeable time that I can make an old dream come true and go to Kenia and Tansania for a photo Safari.
I have no clue how close on can get to the animals on such a tour and what tele lenses one should take there. The only thing I've learned myself is that more is better for animals, or in other words, you need more than you think.
The longest SLR lens I have at the time is a 3,5/6,3 28-300mm zoom, not the best idea to use a 2X converter with it which would me push up to f9,5 or so ?
The question is would the 300mm be enuff for most of the environments or is this a naive idea ? Some affordable zooms go up to 500 and I would invest
those $ 800 -1000 to come close enuff, if this should be necessary.
The lens should not be more expensive than the trip, so any 2,8 /300 plus converter are not in the budget.
Maybe those who have done such a Safari can tell me what their experiences are ?
Thanks in advance !