Ok, just to clear up any confusion - Ilford Imaging Switzerland which makes Ilfochrome is now a separate and distinct company from Ilford/Harmon Technologies UK. The Swiss unit was purchased out of receivership by Oji Paper Company of Japan in August, 2005. At that time, the Ilfochrome plant was re-configured and some changes made to the chemistry. During the re-tooling, supply was a serious problem - so some dealers stopped handling Ilfochrome and some labs that were still printing it on light-jet reconfigured their equipment for RA-4. Oji paper stated that they would keep Ilfochrome (what's left of it) alive as long as they could keep it financially viable. To accomplish this, they dropped Ilfochrome Rapid, P4 chemistry, P22 etc. as well as Ilfochrome Pearl. The remaining photographic products are Ilfochrome Classic polyester base and P3 chemistry in two forms: P3.5 5 liter kits which is unreplenished P3 chemistry for small batch use and P3X which is the same P3 chemistry plus starters, etc with mixing instructions for replenished processes.
It is packaged for 25 liters. If you use a lot and you can get a dealer to order it and ship it to you, the cost per print is about half of the P3.5 kit if you use it as mix and dump without replenishment, less if you have the equipment to process a replenishment line. Also, the re-start had some problems, like incorrect mixing instructions - check the website for updated instructions - and disregard optional temps (a leftover from P30) and run it at 30 C.

Here is the blurb from Ilford Swiss website:

"P3X/P3XL ILFOCHROME CLASSIC PROCESS P3X is designed for the professional lab to be used in ILFORD specified roller transport processors. This process is designed to minimize waste and to improve productivity.

P3 ILFOCHROME CLASSIC PROCESS P3. This 3-bath process is designed both for the professional lab, amateurs and enthusiasts. Various options are available.
KIT3.5 replaces P30P and is designed to be used in small tabletop processors such as CAP40, ICP/IWD 42 or with drum processing.

B&H's website is somewhat misleading - they describe P30 and show a picture of P3.5. There may still be some P30 and P30P stuff from last year around - if so, it's still good. I just got about $500 worth of pre-OJI P3 product for nothing from a friend who won't have time to use it

Anyway, it appears that there are at least two suppliers that have the new 5 liter kits available and will ship it (ground only):

Rainier photo: http://www.rainierphoto.com/

and Calumet photo http://www.calumetphoto.com/

Give it a try - Good luck