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Focomat IC
Focomat IIC-color
A lot more!

And there were loads and loads of variations. Alone with the Focomat 1c I've seen dozens of variations: Column length (short, normal, long), column connectors (2 prong, various shaped 3 prong, some round, some square), light house (round to egg), tilt (single side, both side lock), baseboard (normal to large, wood to resopal), baseboard wiring functions, easel locking hardware (different variations and those without hardware such as the final white baseboard models), different paint (variations of black to gray hammertone)... and even among the negative masks I've found quite a few significant variations not only in the use of materials but also in thickness. In the decades they were made (from 1951 to the early 1970s) they did not remain constant. They were also "working tools" of drugstores and photo-shops and tended to get many modifications (by, among others, Leitz). Many just parts swapped about.. My working Ic, for instance, uses one of the last made long columns (gray) with a white painted over large wooden baseboard (including locking hardware), a single sided late 1950s head, era condensor and anti-newton disk (I think I might even be using the late model one and not its contemporary one that came with it).

I think we can see why no one has ever tried to collect enlargers.
They are large and even keeping to the small ones such as MINOX there were quite a few variations:

- MINOX Riga
- MINOX Modell 1 (Postwar, German, 1950-51, straight column)
- MINOX Modell 2
o Typ 2201 (1951-63). Various variations are known to exist including the main ones noted for their diffusor or lack of, metal band or lack of, lens mounting etc.
o Typ 2201 Color: these seem to have been just modified versions of the standard 2201 and thus too have variations. Detected samples, however, have been too small to really have a better picture.
o Typ 2202 . These are all colour variations of the Typ 2203
o Typ 2202. These have removable lens board and are commonly called Type-3. In the literature the earlier model 2 enlargers were called "Model 2" and these got called "Modell 2" (an extra l). Several sub variations mainly in the electrical connector for mains power and the logo.
o Typ 25401. These are the last models and lose the possibility to use the repro adapter (which was for decades out of production anyway) and the "wings" on the negative holder. They also got the "MINOX" objectives and, of course, flat masks. In the 1990 MINOX made around 30 or so enlargers from old spare parts and these have variations all over the map.

Just to collect MINOX brand enlargers (which are among the smallest) one would need at least a selection of no less than a dozen or two. This would occupy significant room--- a friend has been working on it. Try that with Leitz enlargers! :-)