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Since they have direct flights from San Fran to NZ we decided to spend some time in San Fran on the way home from the conference & seeing family on the east coast. I promised Lisa San Fran would be a mini family vacation but I'm sure I can slip away for a get together one afternoon? Would anyone be up for it? We are also trying to find some reasonable accomodation in the fisherman's wharf area (well, we've never been to San Fran and this is where we were told to look). Would really love to meet some of you and see some galleries too. Maybe a lunch + gallery crawl? I'm open to anything contained within a half day.

I would certainly be pleased to join in the fun. I can also think of several places I would rather stay than adjacent to one of the most tourist impacted spots on earth. What sort of range would you define as reasonable, is it just the two of you, and do you have any other activities in mind?